Unshakable Confidence in Young Living

Name: Tom Leib
Career Background: Engineer
With Young Living: Since 1999
Why Young Living: Impressed by the results of the oils
Success Formula: Continue your education

Tom LeibTom Leib is an automotive engineer during the day and in the evenings he is completing coursework to become a naturopathic doctor. It is interesting to note that it was a naturopathic doctor who first introduced Tom to Young Living essential oils. “I got involved in Young Living on a recommendation by my doctor. I was having some trouble sleeping and my doctor recommended Lavender essential oil to help me relax before going to bed. She then suggested I use only Young Living essential oils due to their high quality.” Tom followed her advice and was very pleased with the relaxing results he received from the Lavender therapeutic-grade essential oil.

A while later, on a Sunday evening, Tom was carrying a heavy stereo cabinet up to his son's bedroom when it suddenly slipped out of his hands and landed hard on top of his right foot. “The pain was excruciating! I was certain all the bones had been broken because my foot hurt so bad.” Since it was late in the evening on Sunday, and Tom did not want to go and wait in a hospital emergency room, he considered his alternatives. “I thought about the Lavender essential oil and decided I would test it since I had nothing to lose.”

Tom had to hobble down to the kitchen where he kept the oil. “Within minutes of applying a liberal dose of the Lavender to my foot, I felt comfortable enough to put my shoe back on and walk on my foot again. When you compare only about a dollar's worth of Lavender essential oil versus a huge emergency room bill-I'll take the Lavender any day!”

Since then, Tom has had many other positive experiences with Young Living products. He shared one where a friend of his had a daughter with a serious problem with a gland in her head. “We suggested she try the essential oil blend 3 Wise Men. Her mother used the oil and when her daughter went back to the hospital for another x-ray, everything was fine.”

The Leib family uses a wide variety of Young Living products in their home. “I love the diversity of products offered by Young Living. The quality of the essential oils is unsurpassed.” Tom and his wife have two active sons who are eleven and eight years old. “Our children use the oils all the time. They are very involved with sports, especially hockey and basketball. We use a lot of Wintergreen, Relieve It, ImmuPower, and Thieves.”

Tom's advice to new distributors is to keep learning. “We all need to continually seek to increase our personal knowledge and pursue education.” Tom suggests that anyone starting out with his or her own Young Living business should get familiar with the products by using them. “You have to use them to understand what they can do for you.

“Because I have studied Young Living in depth, when I talk about Young Living to others I have confidence in what I say. I know that the Young Living experience will be as positive for others, as it has been for me. As an engineer I have to have the solid confidence that is gained only through research. I have to know that my reputation will not be compromised – especially when I have to stand behind my research to other engineers. With Young Living I have that confidence.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043