Young Living Makes Network Marketing Easy

Name: Sandra Bolognia
Career Background: Teacher and Counselor
With Young Living: Since 2000
Why Young Living: It makes sense
Success Formula: Helping people educate themselves

Sandra BologniaSandra Bolognia was introduced to Young Living at a garage sale. “I was doing a combined yard sale with friends, and Leslie Wilmoth gave me a copy of an essential oil reference book.” Sandra was very skeptical at first, but she read the book anyway. “Finally, after spending four months reading it, I was ready to consider ordering an essential oil.”

Then, sometime later while she was in a hospital, Sandra became so uncomfortable she called Leslie's mom, Diane, and told her it was time for her to come through on her promise to use the oils on her back. “I was demanding that my pain meds be doubled every three hours, and I still got no sleep the first night in the hospital. I knew I had to try something else.”

Sandra was amazed by the results of using essential oils. “After experiencing the Raindrop Technique, I was comfortable for the first time in nine months. I slept through the night. That is when I decided to learn the Raindrop Technique in order to teach others to do it to me. For the first time I knew there was something very special about the oils.”

Soon Sandra found out that a Level One would be taught in Hawaii. “I've always wanted to go to Hawaii, so I cashed in my frequent flier miles and went,” she said. “I had no interest in the business at that time.” While she was in Hawaii, Sandra met Jeffrey Lewis and Vicki Opfer. “Jeffrey and Vicki were wonderful. They inspired me to build my Young Living business. I am so grateful for their kind support and encouragement. My Young Living business has given me the opportunity to travel, meet wonderful people and have great tax benefits.”

Sandra's business success is based on using the oils and discovering their amazing properties. ‘The oils have helped me more than I had ever imagined. My success formula is very personal and has to do with what Young Living essential oils have done for me. I think that is how it is for everyone. You have to use the oils and then discover what they do for you. Then you have your own story and you can go out and share it with the world.”

Sandra has found that network marketing is easy with Young Living. “There was a point when I was trying to convince people that the oils work. Now I just share the oils and let people find out for themselves how wonderful they are. I find that those people who are ready for the oils are attracted to me. I just wear the oils, and the people who are ready to learn about them will come up to me and ask me what that wonderful smell is. Then it becomes easy to talk about the oils. I also wear my oil pin that says, ‘I do oils.' I find that many people will ask me what it means.”

Sandra's advice to new distributors is to make a commitment to use the oils and then continue to use them. She says, “Nothing is immediate. New distributors need to realize that they must continue to learn and try new products. When I started, I committed to buy a certain amount of products per month. I didn't have a lot of money, but I was committed to learn about the oils. It took me six months before I was comfortable sharing them with people.”

Sandra also has meetings at least once a month in her home. “I have found that it is easier for me to learn things by teaching others. When you have to prepare to teach others, you will learn more. Another thing I learned was that when you provide people with an agenda at your meetings, they will buy the products that you talk about. People will buy whatever you talk about. You have to help people decide what they want.”

The bottom line? “Just share the oils,” said Sandra. “People will come to you if you are open and you share.”

Reprinted with permission of Young Living, Lehi, UT 84043